Children are not small adults and should not be treated in the same manner. They require different emergency care than adults. This seminar explores common medical emergencies such as coup. asthma, and childhood diseases. You will learn effective treatments and new practical skills which you can provide. This program is important for all parents, grandparents, and babysitters to attend.

This class teaches current C.P.R. basic life support for the professional rescuer with entrance and practical exams. With practice you must demonstrate the skills to the instructor's satisfaction. Included will be a written test on the appropriate material. We will provide the necessary personal protective equipment and mannequins. 

This course will teach you how to reduce your risk of dying form a heart attack, how to recognize the signals of a heart attack and the proper first aid to render. Rescue breathing and choking maneuvers will be taught and practiced for the new guidelines for certification in C.P.R. During the course, the effect use of the emergency medical system will also be discussed. This course provides two years of certification from the National Safety Council.

Recognize signs and symptoms of a heart attack, help someone who is choking, learn about resuscitation, bleeding and shock, burns, eye and nose injuries, bites and stings, fractures, poisoning, diabetic emergencies, stroke, seizures and temperature emergencies. Learn mouth to mouth resuscitation and one person C.P.R. The first aid portion of your certification is good for 3 years from the national safety council. Also includes 2 years of certification in C.P.R.

This is a two day course, and you must attend BOTH days

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