NYS Armed Security Guard Training

New York State Department of State requires all armed security guards to complete the following courses towards their armed guard registration:

47-Hour Firearms Training: Must possess a valid NYS pistol permit and unarmed security guard registration to be able to enroll. 

NOTE: If you do not yet have NYS security guard registration, you MUST complete the training requirements and apply for the NYS unarmed guard registration before applying for an armed guard upgrade with the NYS DOS. See the NYS DOS Division of Licensing Services on Training Requirements for more details and exemptions.

Annual Requirements:

8-Hour Annual In-Service Training

8-Hour Annual Firearms Training

BOTH of these courses must be completed every calendar year to maintain your registration.


We are an approved security guard school, as approved by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. You will receive a certificate of completion for each of the courses listed, which you will need to submit to the NYS DOS.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: 8 Hour Annual Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards

Cost: $100

All individuals who take this course are required to qualify with a minimum of seventy percent (70%) on a fifty round shooting course (minimum passing is 35 rounds within the designated target area). All participants after listening to the “Use of Force” lecture and review will take a ten-question test with a minimum passing grade of seventy percent (70%).


This course must be taken ANNUALLY. The security guard license is valid for two years.  Therefore, you must complete two 8-Hour Annual Firearms Courses in order to renew your license. In addition, you must take the 8-Hour Annual In-Service Course. (That is the         classroom setting, unarmed course.) During your two-year license period you must also complete TWO 8-Hour Annual In-Service Courses in order to renew your license.

We offer the 8-Hour Annual In-Service Course monthly at two locations: Belle Terre & the Nassau County Range


N.Y.S. ARMED SECURITY requires you to qualify with the weapon or weapons that you wish to carry while on duty as a guard.

If you are prior law enforcement and qualify for the HR-218 permit as part of L.E.O.S.A.  you may take the HR-218 with this course together at a discounted rate of $150



COST: $725.00


 The 47 Hour Firearms Training Course is for current security guards who would like to upgrade their license to work as an ARMED SECURITY GUARD.   It is a comprehensive program, teaching the basic safety rules, fundamentals of shooting, tactical shooting, care and cleaning. Part of the course will cover the proper use of force including deadly physical force. Also covered in weapon handling is shotgun and rifle. Novices and accomplished shooters will enjoy our low-key approach to teaching these skills. Each participant will have to obtain a minimum of seventy percent (70%) on all shooting exercises and written testing.


To register for this 47-Hour program, individuals must have a pistol permit and A New York Security Guard License. You will also need to purchase approximately 700 round of ammo (12/Fifty (50) round boxes). If you do not have a weapon or holster setup, we can arrange for you to use one at no charge.  All teaching materials, range time, targets and use of safety equipment is included. All students who successfully complete the shooting qualification and written testing will be awarded a completion certificate at the end of the course.



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