NYS Concealed Carry 18-Hour Mandatory Course

NYS Concealed Carry 18-Hour Mandatory Training Course 

This is the mandatory training now required by New York State to be able to apply for or renew a concealed carry permit.  As of September 2022, there are only two types of permits issued in New York State.

1. - Premise Permit also known as Sportsman on Long Island. This permit allows you to go to and from training facilities only and to be stored at your home.

2. - Concealed Carry Permit which allows you to carry your pistol in NYS with exceptions on locations where firearms are not permitted.

If you possess any other type of permit it will not be renewed without the 18HR Concealed Carry course! All licenses will be renewed and re-issued as a concealed carry permit. This new permit will be civilian status.  This includes Retired Police Officers and business permits.

Retired officers must get a Federal HR-218 Permit to be able to carry their firearm with retired law enforcement privileges. We offer HR-218 qualifications in Bay Ridge, Nassau County, & Suffolk County.


COST: $375.00 – Nassau & Suffolk

COST: $450.00 – Bay Ridge




 The New York State Concealed carry firearms safety training requires (16) hours of -in-person live classroom instruction and (2) hours of live-fire training by Duly Authorized Instructors.   Safety Quest Limited is authorized to provide this instruction.  A certificate will be issued upon completion of the NYS required 18 hours of training. 

(16) Hour In-Person Classroom Instruction Consists of:

  • General firearm safety
  • Firearm safety storage
  • NYS and Federal gun laws
  • Concealed Carry situational awareness – firearm display and concealment
  • Conflict de-escalation tactics
  • Adverse alcohol and drug effects and firearm safety
  • Best practices when encountering law enforcement
  • Statutorily defined sensitive and restrictive places
  • Conflict management
  • Use of deadly physical force
  • Suicide prevention
  • Basic principles of marksmanship

Following completion of the (16) hour in-person classroom instruction each student must score a minimum of 80% on a NYS required written test covering the course curriculum.

 (2) Hour Live-Fire Course Curriculum Topics Consist of:

  • Range safety, safe drawing, target acquisition, and re-holstering, dry firing, safe loading & unloading of ammunition, performing a firearm condition check: how to achieve and verify a safe and empty firearm condition and the safe discharging of the firearm

Following the live-fire training, each student must demonstrate proficiency as required by New York State conducted by the Duly Authorized Instructor.


All participants must provide their own ammunition. If you need the simunition gun there is an additional $50 ammo fee. Simunition weapons and ammo are only permitted to be sold to training schools. Therefore, you would be unable to provide your own ammo.  This fee can be paid at the door by cash, check, or money order 


Please email driver’s license & pistol permit to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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