NYS Unarmed Security Guard Training

New York State Department of State requires all unarmed security guards to complete the following courses towards their registration:


Initial Training:

8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training: Upon completion of this general introductory course, you must submit the a copy of certificate of completion that you will receive, along with your security guard registration application to the NYS DOS.

16-Hour On-The-Job Training: This course must be completed within 90 days of employment. This is a 2-day course, attendance to both days are required in order to receive a certificate of completion!


Annual Requirements:

8-Hour Annual In-Service Training


We are an approved security guard school, as approved by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. You will receive a certificate of completion for each of the courses listed, which you will need to submit to the NYS DOS.


Course Cost: $55



Annual Re-Certification Course for Licensed Security Guards

Eight-hour training course for security guards who need to re-new their guard licenses or to remain current. This course must be completed within 12 calendar months from completion of the 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards, and annually thereafter. The course is structured to provide the student with updated and enhanced information on the duties and responsibilities of a security guard.
Topics include:
The role of the security guard
Legal powers and limitations
Emergency situations
Communications and public relations
Access control
Ethics and conduct

The passing of an examination is required for successful completion.

All individuals must bring their N.Y.S. Security License to the class. 


This course must be taken ANNUALLY. The security guard license is valid for two years.  Therefore, you must complete during your two-year license period TWO 8-Hour Annual In-Service Courses in order to renew your license.

We offer the 8-Hour Annual In-Service Course monthly at two locations: Belle Terre & the Nassau County Range



*NOTE: You can check your security guard status by copying the link below and placing it in a new browser.

Go to License search and enter your UID number.



COST: $55


The 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Security Guard Training Course is a M U S T have in order to get your New York State Security License. After completion of this course, you will be able to apply for an unarmed security guard license by submitting the pre-assignment certificate, fingerprinting receipt, and security guard application up to the Division of Licensing in Albany.

Class topics:

Role of a Security Guard:
Provides an overview of a security industry and defines duties typically performed by security guards.

Legal Powers & Limitations:
Defines the differences between security guards and law enforcement officials and explains the procedures for an arrest made by a security guard.

Emergency Situations:
Overview of different types of emergencies and methods of response to be performed by security guards.

Communications & Public Relations:
Explanation of the communication process and identify how perceptions affect interaction.

Access Control:
Identify the elements of access control and identification and define three types of access control.

Defines and explains the importance of the Code of Ethics for security guards.

Review and Examination:
Review materials. Instructors will test students on the topics covered in the form of multiple choice and true/false questions.

Each participant must pass a written test with a minimum score of Seventy percent (70%) after the lecture and a review of material. Anyone who does not meet that standard will be retested after an additional review of the material. The program includes all teaching materials and Course Completion Certificate.

COST: $225


This course expands upon the topics covered during the Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course. In addition, this is a required course once a security guard has been employed (whether full or part time) A security guard M U S T complete this training course within 90 days of gainful employment. If you are not employed this course is still needed in order to renew your license.

This training will be an extension to the Pre-Assignment Course with additional topics such as, but not limited to:

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place, Defense Tactics, Preliminary Investigations, Officer Survival Techniques, Incident Command System, Ethics & Conduct, Court Room Demeanor, Terrorism, Chemical Suicides, Managing Aggressive Behavior, Report Writing, Mental Awareness, Juvenile Laws, etc.

Retired law enforcement officers are exempt from this requirement.


Completion time is sixteen hours (16 Hours).  





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