DISCOUNTED HR 218 / Armed Security Training



 New York State 8 Hour Annual Certified Firearms Training Course

This New York State 8 Hour Annual Certified Firearms Training Course will satisfy your yearly firearms qualification requirement for Armed Security Guard. For retired law enforcement officers, this is the only course that they must take on a yearly basis. All other Armed Security Guards must also take the New York State 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course to complete their yearly training requirements. Please see that training course for more information.

All individuals who take this course are required to qualify with a minimum of seventy percent (70%) on a fifty round shooting course (minimum passing is 35 rounds within the designated target area). All participants after listening to the “Use of Force” lecture and review will take a ten question test with a minimum passing grade of seventy percent (70%). It is required that all participants bring their current N.Y.S. Security License, Pistol Permit, Weapons of Choice, Magazines, Holster and 50 rounds of Ammunition per weapon when they come to class. 

This course is for Retired Law Enforcement personnel only. Upon completion of this course the retired officer will be able to travel in all fifty states with the type of handgun they qualified with.

The Federal Law known as HR-218 or Law Enforcement Officer’s safety Act (L.E.O.S.A.) was passed in 2004 with restrictions on who was permitted to “qualify” retired officers. Since October of 2010, an admendment was passed in Congress to permit current Police Instructors, (who are currently engaged in training on-duty law enforcement personnel) to qualify retired individual officers. These retired officers have to be retired in good standings with their department.


The course takes approximately two and a half hours to complete. We first go over weapon safety, then discuss the course of fire (Fifty (50) Round D.C.J.S. Certified Course). Once that is finished we review the HR-218 requirements of the Federal Bill so you know what is expected of you when carrying your weapon out of state. Participants will then go down range for the qualification (minimum of seventy percent). After qualification a photo identification card is issued to the retired officer. This issued card and their police identification card is required to be carried when they are armed. Please bring Retired Police ID, Pistol License, Weapon(s) of choice, Magazines, Holster(s) and 50 rounds of ammunition for each weapon you are qualifying with.


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