Florida & Utah Concealed Carry Permit

By obtaining a Florida and/or Utah carry permit you will be able to carry your weapon in over 30 other states.

 UTAH & FLORIDA allow a person to apply for a CARRY PISTOL PERMIT as a, “Non-Resident.”


Upon successful completion of this course, the individual will be able to apply for a Utah and Florida Concealed Carry Weapon Permit, for one or both states.  Once the permit is approved, the individual is allowed to carry concealed in that state, or and any state that has reciprocity with it.



Florida has CONCEALED CARRY RECIPROCITY with 37 States.


This course includes all paperwork; application, safety Lecture, fingerprinting, mailing envelope for both Utah and Florida state. You will be required to attach passport photos to the application. You must bring the passport photos to class to complete the application. (CVS or Walgreens).  You are not required to have a pistol permit in New York State.  You are not required to bring a weapon to the training.  Please leave all weapons and live ammo at home. 



Duration of Course: 4 Hours

Cost: $125.00 per person (all fees are non-refundable but can be applied to classes in the future)

Note: You will also need to pay the individual state their processing fee.

 Location: Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range

1 Charles Lindbergh Blvd

Uniondale, NY 115536





  • 21 years old or Armed Service member (18)
  • You must be able to demonstrate competency with a firearm
  • Unless serving overseas in the US Armed Forces, you must currently reside in the United States and be a US citizen or deemed a lawful permanent resident alien by Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Service. If you are serving oversea in the US Armed Forces, submit a copy of your deployment documentation with your application.  Those who are resident aliens must provide a valid Permanent Resident Alien Card.



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